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Zwanenwater In Callantsoog

Zwanenwater in Callantsoog

Het Zwanenwater in Callantsoog is tucked away in the North Holland dunes. This protected nature reserve is home to the largest natural dune lakes in Europe. Here, you can stroll through dune valleys filled with flowers and butterflies.

From the bird hides, you can spot birds on the First and Second Water. There is a beautiful walking route mapped out through the Zwanenwater, leading along the first water with a floating bird hide where you can read the water level. You will also come across a bird hide overlooking the second water, where you can spot various birds such as cormorants, tufted ducks, greylag geese, and with a bit of luck, you may even see pelicans. There are also cattle grazing in the area, which helps create opportunities for unique plants by grazing on grass and young saplings.

The Zwanenwater originated after the construction of the Zijperzeedijk in 1596. Due to sand drifting, dunes, valleys, and lakes were formed. Since 1973, Natuurmonumenten has been protecting this nature reserve. In 1988, the Zwanenwater received international wetland status as an important migratory bird area. In 2008, it was designated as a geological monument.

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